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“Carol’s strong sense that we must give to our community time, talent and energy to make it a better place has motivated her to do many things.  A true citizen, one who stands up and contributes to a community, I cannot think of anyone who has done more, with no agenda to achieve any personal benefit above being able to live somewhere that will be better while she is here and after she is gone.”

Ana Roman


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“Carol has a sincere interest in all aspects of the City of Katy. She has been instrumental in the development of the City of Katy’s Heritage Park. She is knowledgeable and supportive of the activities in the entire Katy community always working hard to improve the quality of life for our citizens.” 

Jamie Wolman, Parks and Recreation Director 

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Carol looks for opportunities to help the community and acts on them. Realizing a problem with the cemetery that belongs to Antioch Baptist Church, she spent many months working with the church to secure, clean up and make the Katy Community Cemetery both attractive and safe. But she went on to make sure the cemetery was recorded in Fort Bend County, singularly spent months writing applications and gathering data to get it recognized as a State of Texas historical landmark and then went on to help the church create the legal and planning documents to protect and operate the cemetery so problems don’t reoccur. 

Carol Adams for Mayor of Katy, TX

As Katy moves into its 117th year as a flourishing city, our residents can be optimistic about a bright future. While maintaining our traditions, values and spirit, we have grown as a community and prospered as a municipality, demand for our resources has never been greater. Right now we need to take charge of our opportunities and focus on areas that need improvement, and I have a plan to do that.

From the time my husband Hill and I came here with our children Anne and Robert, over 20 years ago, we have embraced this wonderful town. I have proven my dedication to Katy and ability to get things done. I've been blessed to have an opportunity to lead the projects of building Katy Heritage Park, creating Railroad Park, improving Katy Community Cemetery and authoring a book about our rich history to endow a scholarship fund.  I am now exploring plans for the revitalization of our historic rice driers and our downtown area. 

I've worked with a thoughtful city council to reduce taxes and bring recycling, beautiful parks and improved buildings to the City of Katy. I've chaired committees, worked closely with department heads and initiated improvements we all enjoy. I enjoy standing up for our city, regularly attending meetings of the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce, Waller County organizations and the Katy Economic Development Council; always working to help protect and promote Katy while fostering our sense of place in the greater Katy area.

I believe in my heart that Katy has a future full of opportunity and hope. We're an upbeat city, directed to embracing the growth that is already happening and still to come with an open mind. We have vast resources to improve our city and I know we'll find imaginative solutions to the challenges that lay before us.  I know our city can embrace growth and changes while protecting the small town our residents hold dear. Our city government can do more for our residents. We can reduce taxes. We can deliver superior services and we can improve our image.

I am enthusiastic about public service and enjoy the rewarding experience. I know together we can find all the answers.  I am asking for an opportunity to do more for Katy, and for your vote for mayor in the upcoming election, because the future is not someplace we are going to; it is one we are creating. 

Thank You. 

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